Spring IB Revision Course, Zurich

Our Spring IB Revision Course is specifically structured to provide the ideal environment for students to achieve their very best in every workshop. With unrivalled class sizes, two and three-day workshops, and IB expert tutors, you'll leave perfectly prepared for your IB exams.

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Spring Revision Course 2020

7th - 12th April
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This April, Elite IB Tutors will return to Zurich for the popular IB Spring Revision Course. In structured and rigorous workshops our team of IB graduates, IB teachers, and IB Examiners, help students revisit every aspect of the IB syllabi before the May examination period, giving students the confidence and knowledge to perform at the highest level, and obtain top marks.

5 students per workshop on average

Highly focused, student-centred exam revision, with an average of five students to a tutor. Students submit areas of weakness before the course, to ensure the content is tailored to their needs.

Taught by IB experts

Workshops delivered by the finest Elite IB tutors, themselves top-scoring IB graduates, and up-to-date on all syllabus changes and amendments. Our tutors have an average score of 42!

2-day workshops per subject

Two full days dedicated to each subject allows students and tutors to intensively revise the trickiest parts of the syllabus as well as work through past paper questions to improve exam technique.

Spring Final Year (IBDP2) Workshop Availability
  Workshop 1
7th & 8th April
Workshop 2
9th & 10th April
Workshop 3
11th & 12th April
Mathematics HL    
Mathematics SL    
Mathematics Studies    
Biology HL/SL    
Physics HL/SL    
Chemistry HL/SL    
Economics HL/SL    

Why Elite IB’s Courses?

With exceptional feedback year on year, the revision courses are at the heart of the support we provide students. Last Easter 100% of our attendees felt more confident in their subject after their workshop, and 97.5% would recommend our courses to a friend.

As IB graduates ourselves, we strive to provide the support that we would have wanted during our IB, meaning the atmosphere is always friendly and welcoming whilst the tuition remains exceptional. You can find out more about the course by navigating on the left. If you have questions or concerns, you can contact a member of the team below.


For more information, contact a member of the team via the form below, send us an email to courses@eliteib.ch or call us on +41 (0) 225182188. We can't wait to hear from you!

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