Winter Mocks Preparation Course

Revise your IB syllabi in preparation for your school's winter mock exams, with our outstanding team of recent IB graduates, IB teachers, and IB Examiners.

Winter Mocks Preparation Course

Course Structure & Fees

3rd - 6th January 2018
(Early-bird discounts available until 1st December. Registrations close 14th December)

The Winter Mocks Preparation Course allows students to focus on two of their IB subjects, with each workshop running over a two-day period. The subjects available are Mathematics SL, HL and Studies as well as Biology HL/SL, Physics HL/SL and Chemistry HL/SL. Students can choose to attend one or two workshops, and will be taught in small groups with an average of 5 students to a tutor. The content covered will be a mix of exam preparation as well as revision of specific areas of the syllabus which the students have identified as particularly troublesome or requiring extra attention. All students will be asked to provide requests of areas they wish to focus on prior to arriving to the course.

Classes have an average of five students to a tutor with six hours of subject revision per day

Workshops are split by level (HL, SL & Studies) to provide the best revision possible

Taking place in early January: an ideal date ahead of IB school's Mock Exams

Bespoke feedback for each student after the course, with tailored study tips and advice

3rd & 4th January
Maths HL
Maths SL
Maths Studies

5th & 6th January
Biology HL & SL
Physics HL & SL
Chemistry HL & SL

Information & Fees

  • Dates: 3rd - 6th January
  • Timings: 9:30 for 10:00-17:00. (incl. 1 hour break for lunch)
  • Venue: TBC
  • Cost of a two day workshop: 570 CHF
  • Deposit required upon booking: 100 CHF


Register by 18th November to save 10% on the cost of the Winter Mocks Revision Course

Bring-a-Buddy Discount:
Register with a friend and each receive a 20CHF discount off the total cost of each workshop you attend.

Would you like support in a subject not featured at the course? Email us at to make alternative arrangements

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