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EIB has a number of international offices. You should only apply using this page if you live in Switzerland. If you're based in the Netherlands you should apply to EIB Netherlands. Otherwise, if you live in elsewhere in Europe, the Middle East, the Americas or Africa you should apply on the EIB UK site. If you in Asia or Oceania, you should apply to EIB Singapore.
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Did you graduate from the IBDP Programme?*
Did you study the IB as a student and graduate from the Diploma Programme?
Do you speak English fluently?*
Almost all the students EIB supports are assessed in English, and so it's a requirement that all EIB tutors speak and write English fluently and are able to conduct lessons in English.
Do you speak French fluently and would be happy to tutor your subjects in French?*
Sometimes families and students look for the support of a tutor to support them in French. Are you a fluent french speaker and able to tutor your subjects in French?
If so, what was your Diploma Score?*
Including your bonus points.
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What was your EE Grade?*
Which subjects did you take at Higher Level?
Ensure you distinguish between Language A and B, as well as between 'Language A: Literature' and 'Language A: Language & Literature'.
Which subjects did you take at Standard (or Studies etc.) Level?
Ensure you distinguish between Language A and B, as well as between 'Language A: Literature' and 'Language A: Language & Literature'.
Which school did you study the Diploma at?
Were you a student on the Middle Years Programme?*
Were you a student on the Primary Years Programme?*
Did you study IGCSEs?*
If you didn't study the IBDP, please outline your 16-18 qualifications. If there's anything else you think we should know about your 16-18 qualification you can let us know here also.
If you didn't study the IB Diploma and don't have experience teaching in an IB school, we're unlikely to accept your application. Read more below ↓
Please outline your university education.*
Please make clear reference to the years, duration, and grades received. Please list all your university degrees, even if you're still studying or haven't been awarded your degree yet.
Which IB subjects do you think you can tutor EIB students in?*
Remember, we normally only allow tutors to support students in subjects they scored a 7 in at Higher Level, and which they're studying (or a related discipline) at university. EIB tutors cannot only support students in the Standard Level of subject.
Read more about our policies around what subjects tutors can teach ↓
What experience do you have tutoring students privately?*
Please detail your experience working with students one-on-one privately as a personal tutor. You may want to discus your work with other agencies, as well as less formal experience you have had teaching students. If you're an IB teacher, there will be space in the form below the outline your history teaching in schools.
Do you have experience working professionally in an IB school as a teacher?*
If so, please detail your history teaching the IB in schools.
Please detail any positions held, the length of time in your post(s) as well as other information we may find relevant.
Do you have experience as an IB Examiner?*
If so, please detailed the subject(s) and paper(s) you've moderated
Are you based in Switzerland and available to provide in-person lessons to students?*
EIB Tutors Switzerland offers both in-person (face-to-face) tuition to students throughout Switzerland, as well as online lessons for students elsewhere.
Read more about our COVID procedures for in-person lessons ↓Check if you're applying to the correct EIB branch ↓
If you're not based in Switzerland, where are you based?
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More about our requirements

You can find additional information about some of the questions in the application form below. If you have further questions which are not addressed here, you can email us for more detail at

I’m not an IB graduate, nor have I taught in an IB school, can I apply to be a tutor?

As an IB tuition agency, an exceptional understanding of both the syllabi of IB subjects as well as the experience of being an IB student are both a requirement for tutors. As a result, we’re unlikely to accept applications from tutors who haven’t either studied on the Diploma or professionally taught an IB programme in an IB school. We don’t accept applications from professional/full-time tutors who haven’t graduated from the IB Diploma or taught in IB schools. If you require further clarification, please do email

Which subjects can I tutor?

For IB-graduate tutors, we typically only allow tutors to teach subjects which they studied on the IB at Higher Level, scored a 7 in and which they are studying/studied (or a related discipline) at university. For example, a tutor who studied Biology HL on the Diploma and scored a 7 and is studying/studied a BSc Biology at university would be allowed to tutor Biology. Similarly, a tutor who studied Maths HL on the Diploma and is now studying an MSc Engineering would be cleared to tutor Mathematics to EIB students. We generally don’t allow to tutors to tutor EIB students in subjects which they’re no longer studying at university or which aren’t related to their degree. For example, an IB graduate who studied Chemistry HL and scored a 7, but who is now studying Philosophy at university, would be unlikely to be cleared to tutor students in Chemistry. While we’re always happy to hear tutors reasons for why they feel they’re able to support students in particular subjects, in our decade of conducting interviews and managing applications, we’ve found tutors can struggle to stay up-to-date with the syllabi for subjects they’re not studying any longer, and that the most engaging and passionate tutors deliver tuition in subjects and related disciplines to their tertiary education. Naturally, we’re happy to speak with teachers in IB schools and clear them for subjects on the basis of their teaching experience.

How are you conducting in-person lessons safely during the COVID-19 pandemic?

We're working hard to deliver safe, reliable Face-to-Face tuition to students during the COVID-19 pandemic. To help students adapt to the changes and challenges brought about by the pandemic we’ve shared guidance and information about how to conduct in-person lessons safely with our tutoring team, adapted our support options, and provided free resources and information to students and schools. You can read more about this on our ‘How we’re responding to COVID’ page by selecting ‘COVID-19’ in the footer.

Am I applying to the correct EIB branch?

EIB has a number of international offices. If you are based in Switzerland or the Netherlands you should apply to EIB Switzerland ( or EIB Netherlands ( respectively. Otherwise, if you’re based in Singapore, SE Asia or Oceania you should apply to EIB Singapore. If you are based somewhere not covered by an EIB branch as described above, you should apply to EIB UK & Global ( It’s important you’re registered with the correct branch of EIB so that you and potential students share common time zones.