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Bring the support of our exceptional team to your door, either for periods of residential support or to deliver the IB programmes to you at home.

Residential Tuition

Residential tuition lets families bring the insight and experience of our tutors directly to their door for short-medium term support.

Tailored around each individual student, this type of support helps students make the most of school breaks or stay on top of the IB while unable to attend school.
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IB Experts delivered to your door

Every single one of the residential tutors we have approved has a history of academic excellence, an intimate knowledge of the IB, and a wealth of experience supporting students. We work closely with students, their families and tutors, to ensure every one of the tutors we work with and introduce to students perfectly suits their needs, interests, and personality, putting the academic and personal wellbeing of your child at the very centre of what we do.

Residential tuition typically rangers from two weeks to three months (for longer periods of support we offer home-schooling), with tutors delivering two to six hours of support per day to the student(s) and delivering an individual programme of tuition to take advantage of school breaks. During term-time tutors are able to offer much-needed supplementary support in addition to the school timetable.

To find out more about the options available to you, you can email us at tuition@eliteib.sg.

Time to Explore

Residential tuition offers students the time to explore their subjects with their tutors at great depth and at their own pace, helping students improve their understanding and ultimately their grades.


Oustanding Educators

Our team of IB graduates, IB teachers and IB Examiners are the foremost team of IB educators internationally. Offering students the chance to work one-on-one with an IB expert.

International Reach

The flexility of residential tuition
means students and families can draw from our international selection of tutors, for the perfect tutor wherever you are: at home or on the move.


When families require the reliability and insight of an EIB tutor for a longer period than residential tuition, we're able to make arrangements for homeschooling. These options are particularly suited to families who have reason to keep students out of school for an extended period, but are eager to ensure students' education isn't disadvantaged. It's a particularly popular option currently for families looking to work around COVID-19.

Bespoke homeschooling arrangements

Homeschool replicates much of the structure, rigour and pastoral care of school, while drawing on the flexibility and personability only one-on-one tuition can provide. Paired with constant review and oversight by EIB, homeschooling provides students and families the assurance of expert IB support to help students make progress, grow, and prepare them for the next step of their academic journey.

From advising parents on how to homeschool their children to providing comprehensive support for the academic year with an EIB tutor, we're able to every student on track with the support options we offer. To find out more about the options available to you, you can email us at tuition@eliteib.sg.

Please note: we are unable to enter students for any examinations (including IB and I/GSCE), and are able to provide only academic instruction. While we are happy to advise on the options available to families, we are not able to take on responsibility of ensuring students are registered with an appropriate centre to sit their exams.