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We know that only great matches lead to great tuition. So you don’t pay for anything until you’ve accepted your tutor.
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Online tuition unlocks our international tutoring team, so you can get Chemistry tuition from an IB Examiner in Germany and language tuition from a French teacher in Switzerland.
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EIB are a real gem for families inhabiting the world of the International Baccalaureate.

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A tutor for every type of student

Our tutoring tiers reflect the experience of each tutor, giving you a reliable and quick way to request support from a tutor who suits your learning style perfectly. We split our tutors into ‘Standard’, ‘Higher’, and ‘Top’ Tier, so you can quickly appraise their experience and suitability.


Standard Tier

Tutors in our Standard Tier are regularly recent IB graduates who obtained a 7 in the Higher Level subjects they tutor and are pursuing the same discipline at university.

Their youth and enthusiasm, as recent IB alumni, help them bring together rigorous academic support with an energy and approachability which helps students demonstrate their ability and ambition.

We find students who are struggling to enjoy or engage with an IB subject benefit particularly from Standard Tier tutors, whose youth and enthusiasm for their subjects can help enthuse students and motivate them to devote more time and effort to the subject.


Higher Tier

Our Higher Tier comprises IB teachers and Examiners who taught IB programmes in IB schools, as well as tutors who have worked with us for many years and have received consistently outstanding feedback from students.

They combine impressive experience delivering one-to-one support to students with impressive knowledge of the syllabi in the subjects EIB has cleared them to teach to our students.

Many of our Higher Tier tutors are IB teachers and IBO Examiners, which make them ideal for students who are looking to extend the classroom environment to their home, and learn with the structure and authority teachers provide.


Top Tier

Our final tier of tutor is composed of individuals who combine unrivalled experience and knowledge with a history of providing outstanding IB support, particularly of EIB’s students.

Tutors in this tier include former Heads of IB schools and departments, professors and lecturers at prestigious universities, longstanding IBO Examiners as well tutors with whom we’ve worked with closely for many, many years.


Flexibility and reliability are at the core of the way we organise your tuition with an EIB tutor. To do so, we charge tuition at an hourly rate, dependent on the tier of your tutor.

Tutor Tier
Fee p/hr


We now offer a subscription service with the option to book your sessions one month in advance, or pay in full upfront for peace of mind either way.

You can book from 2 lessons per month and from 2 months of tuition all the way up to 18 months of tuition. If you can't decide on a package, then don't hesitate to get in contact with us at

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