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N.B. We're working hard to deliver safe, reliable Face-to-Face tuition to students during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you have any questions or concerns about how we're making in-person tuition safe you can contact us at, read more below, or investigate online support.

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Grow as an independent learner

Delve deeper in your subjects, and explore and learn at your own pace with the support of a tutor who knows the syllabi inside-out.

Improve Your Grades

One-on-one tutoring delivers five additional months’ progress on average to students, to help them consolidate knowledge, build technique and improve their grades.

Industry Respected

We've worked hard over a decade to become the independent authourity on the IB for families and schools. The Good Schools Guide called us a 'real gem for families inhabiting the world of the IB'.

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Individual proposals of the tutor you need

We don’t settle for placing students with just the first available tutor. We listen carefully to the needs of each student and propose the best-suited tutor for their support.


We speak with every student and their family to understand their expectations. At this stage we take into account not only the type of tutor you need, but also the student's performance in the subject so far, ideal lesson times, and future ambitions.

A benefit of our team's knowledge and experience is the ability to build strong, beneficial relationships between students and tutors. We have considerable experience supporting all types of students, including students with SENs and ESL students. We encourage families to get in touch with us if you feel you need a particular type of support.


We propose tutors who we're confident best fit the needs of each individual student. We'll give you some time to review their profiles and if you're happy to proceed we'll put you in touch. If not, we'll carefully listen to your feedback and propose a better suited tutor.

Matching students and tutors is something we take seriously, which is why it can take a couple of days to propose tutors to you. If you're working towards a tight deadline, we're confident any of our outstanding tutors can help you, so let us know and we'll expedite your proposals.

Monitoring & Progress

We have a robust reporting system, with tutors updating students and parents on the student's progress every month. In addition, students feedback about their tutors regularly, to ensure they’re getting the most out of their support.

Tuition delivered by the foremost team

We interview, coach, and review every tutor, before making proposals of tutors to every student. That way, we're confident that every EIB tutor is an expert in their subject, and brings together excellent pedagogy with unbeatable subject insight.

Support across the IB

From Art History to World Religions, Arabic to Visual Arts, no other team covers the IB as comprehensively as we do.

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Expert Tutors

We only work with tutors who know the IB inside-out. That's why our IB-graduate tutors' average score is 43 points. The rest of our team are IB teachers and Examiners!

Government Certified

All our IB face-to-face tutors are in possession of an Enhanced DBS Certificate issued in the last two years.

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What next?

Learn more about what makes EIB's online tuition the best solution for every student.

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