IB Residential Tuition

Let the IB come to you, wherever you are.

No matter how long you require support, where you are, or your circumstance, residential tuition offers students the opportunity to benefit from an outstanding support, at every moment, with a tutor they know and trust.

The assured presence of residential tutors ensures students can continue to perform well if moving regularly between schools, that their talents and interests are explored and developed away from school, and are prepared for the next stage of their education in the best manner possible.

Every single one of our residential tutors has a history of academic excellence, an intimate knowledge of the IB, and a wealth of experience supporting students. We work closely with students, their families and tutors, to ensure every tutor we propose is perfectly suited to the needs, interests, and personality of the student they are supporting, putting the academic and personal wellbeing of your child at the very centre of what we do.

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The IB is truly international, and so every one of our tutors is ready to deliver unrivalled support, no matter where you are, or where you end up.

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We are aware that in many countries where the IB is offered, there is little outside support available. We bring the tutors to you.

icon Government checked

Every one of our residential tutors is required to hold an Enhanced DBS issued by the UK Government, or equivalent certification, to support students.

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We are happy to discuss the arrangements we can make to support you wherever you are. To find out exactly how we can help, get in touch

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Making sure tutors and students match is even more important for residential support, and so we pay particular attention to make sure every student gets the perfect tutor.

icon Every second counts

With Residential support, we make sure tutor and student put together a comprehensive programme of support, so not a moment is wasted.

Parent of students at Marlborough College, London
Olivia is the best Elite IB tutor I have by a long stretch. She is unbelievably clever and knows exactly what to do for poetry. Outside of class she prepares exceptionally well to an incredibly high standard, and has helped us so much. Thank you!

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