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What do our students say about our tutors?

"Tom has been an incredible help these past weeks, guiding my studies, giving clear and memorable examples when needed, providing challenging questions and support when it is too difficult. His wide knowledge of physics made lessons much more interesting."

"Asad has shown excellence in the field of teaching, and has been a pleasure to work with. His schemes of explaining and making sure the student has a good foundation on which to work from are excellent, and are a staple of good teaching. Well done Asad!"

"I definitely think it has helped my revision"

Christine, Physics HL and English Language & Literature SL

"Sijana is wonderful; such a lovely person and is very knowledgeable about psychology. She is a person with such passion for the subject but is also just so energetic. I have such fun in these lessons."

"Cris has been invaluable help with my IB Higher Level Maths course over the past year. His lucid and thorough understanding, combined with his raw passion for the subject and cheerful personality, make his lessons enjoyable and incredibly productive."

"Kheirunnisa is a great tutor. From the two classes I have had with her so far, I have already been able to learn a lot. Her teaching method is easy to follow and works very well for me. I have never understood a Maths teacher as well as her."

"Wei Hao is a fantastic tutor, and I feel that my maths skills have improved dramatically since I started my lessons with him! He quickly picked up on my weaknesses, and tailored our lessons to address them, as well as giving me IB-specific exam tips."

"Catherine was an outstanding tutor who really helped me through my exams and provided excellent support, guidance and education. I would recommend her without hesitation!"