IB Preparation - Online Course

The IB Preparation - Online Course is the best way to ensure you’re perfectly prepared to start the International Baccalaureate in the new academic year. Our unique programme of core workshops will introduce you to the most novel aspects of the IB, and our subject tuition will make sure you hit the ground running when classes start.

IB Preparation - Online Course

How does it work?

23rd-27th July

Congratulations on making the decision to join the IB Preparation Online Course. This is an excellent way to receive a crash course to ensure you are perfectly prepared ahead of what may be the two most crucial academic years in your lifetime. We are sure that you have lots of questions for us, but we hope we can answer most of them here:

Can I attend the course from anywhere in the world?

Yes! As this course takes place online, the beauty is that you technically can join from anywhere. However, we are very conscious of the different time zones and that it will be easier to join from certain time zones than others. The courses will be hosted in BST (GMT+1) time zones, so please ensure to check what the correct timings will be for you in your country. If you are struggling to make the set out workshops due to the time difference, let us know and we will be in touch with you to find an alternative solution.

What time zone is it hosted in?

Our workshops will run from the United Kingdom, and hence the workshop will be running in BST (GMT+1). We will work with you to ensure that you have the correct timings after registering so that you do not miss out on any sessions.

The times do not match my timezone, what should I do?

If you find the times primarily taking place in the middle of the night or early hours of the morning, get in touch and we can look at making alternative arrangements. We are sometimes able to offer specifically tailored workshops which match your time zones, either with enough interest as workshops, or as private tuition. We can always find you a solution which works for you!

What do I need to attend?

All you need to join the workshops is a working computer/laptop/mobile device and internet connection. If you have this, you will be able to join the workshops. You will also need the instructions of how to join the workshop and this will provided to you in the week leading up to the workshop to give you enough time to set up and be ready to attend. It is worth noting that materials will be distributing digitally, so we also recommend you to have an external hard-drive ready or similar so that you are able to save all material for future use accordingly.

Who will be leading the workshops?

Our IB-specialist tutoring agency consists of a team of tutors who excelled in the programme themselves, and hold degrees from leading universities, including Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, and LSE. A number of our team have previously taught, or indeed currently teach, in IB schools. From our team of IB tuition experts, only the very best, with exceptional feedback throughout the past year, are selected to teach our online workshops. For more information on your workshop tutors please see the Our Tutors web page.

Do I have to be starting the IB this autumn to attend?

The workshops are specifically designed for Pre-IB students, or students who are about to begin their first year of the IB. We also welcome students who will begin the IB in January 2019. If you are not to start the IB Diploma programme for another year or more, we recommend you to get in touch with us to discuss your options to find the perfect solution for you. Similarly, if you already have done your first year of the IB, get in touch with us to find the perfect course for you, or check out the Mid-IB Summer Course page.

Is there a minimum number of workshops which I have to book to be able to attend?

We offer you the flexibility to attend as many workshops as you want and there is no minimum number of workshops which you can attend. Please note however, that if you book subject specific workshops, these automatically account for a full day as these workshops are 3 hours long, split between two sessions.

How do the subject-specific workshops work?

If you have registered to attend our Maths, Science, or English workshops, you will have registered for three hours of online preparation, split between two workshop sessions, each lasting one and a half hour with one taking place in the morning and the other in the afternoon. It is not possible to register for only the morning or only the afternoon session as the tutor will have specifically designed the workshops with three hours in mind. All subject-specific workshops will explore the difference between Higher and Standard Levels and ensure all students are comfortable with what the pre-assumed knowledge may be before tackling the first topics of the syllabus.

How long are the workshops?

Each workshop is 1.5 hours long and will either take place from 10-11:30 BST, or 14-15:30 BST. On some days it is possible to only attend one workshop but please note that all of the subject-specific workshops on the 25th, 26th and 27th July begin with a morning session and will continue into the afternoon session, technically making these workshops 3 hours long split between two sessions.

I wish to take part in two workshops which fall simultaneously. What should I do?

If you for instance, want to join both the Biology and Chemistry workshops on the 26th July, we recommend that you book one of these workshops and get in touch with us to discuss options of how to ensure you receive the preparation you require in both subjects.

What is the difference between private online tuition and online workshops?

Whilst private tuition is an excellent way of securing a student's individual knowledge with a tutor over a long period, Revision Courses offer the chance for students to study in small groups where the dynamic allows for interaction, discussion, and learning from one another, in a pre-structured format.


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