Pre-IB Summer Course

The Pre-IB Course is the best way to ensure you’re perfectly prepared to start the International Baccalaureate in the new academic year. Our unique programme of core workshops will introduce you to the most novel aspects of the IB, and our subject tuition will make sure you hit the ground running when classes start.

Lay the groundwork for success at Elite IB's

Pre-IB Summer Workshop

10th - 15th August

Start the IB right

Give yourself the best start to the IB; learn how to pick the right subjects for you; develop your understanding of the IB as a whole; and learn all about the less familiar aspects of the IB such as Theory of Knowledge and the Extended Essay.

Learn from IB Experts

Workshops and talks at the course are delivered by experienced IB graduates. Get tips from those who've completed the program, and have all your questions answered.

Individually Focused

Submit your questions beforehand and guarantee that the content you need is covered. Our tutors are flexible and our class sizes are small, meaning each student gets individual attention.

Our Pre-IB Workshop is the perfect opportunity for you to prepare for the rigours and demands of the IB before beginning the programme in the autumn. For many students, the skills and academic qualities the IB expects students to demonstrate can be unfamiliar, and our Pre-IB workshop allows you to transition into the first year of the IB with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed from the onset. These courses also present a wonderful opportunity to meet students from other schools embarking on the same challenge as you, and a chance to discuss your subject selection with them. Tutors and Elite IB staff members will be available throughout the weekend to answer all your IB questions, and parents are invited in on Saturday afternoon for a Q&A session with a range of IB graduates and EIB experts.

Core IB Workshops

Understand the Goals of the IB

Whether you are entering the IB from the Middle Years Programme, GCSEs, IGCSES, or another programme, it is always daunting to be faced with a new syllabus, new teachers and new classmates. This workshop will highlight the IB's goals and its differences from other programmes and answer questions you may have: what type of learner does the IB try to foster? What core skillsets do you need for IB success? How do I balance study time between my HLs and SLs? What on earth is CAS?

Refine your IB Study Skills

Any IB student will tell you that organisation is key! Learn crucial techniques to help you plan your time around the many strict deadlines of the IB years, and to balance your hobbies and interests with your schoolwork and planning for your future ambitions. This workshop will also cover the fundamentals of IB level academic writing, looking at the methods needed to deliver high-quality, analysis-driven essays that are perfectly referenced, without spending hours agonising over the process!

An Introduction to Theory of Knowledge

Unique amongst educational programmes, the IB’s core Theory of Knowledge course can be daunting in its unfamiliarity. Our Theory of Knowledge workshop tutor will guide you through the groundwork so you can begin in the autumn with a confident understanding of the methodologies and terminology of TOK. As part of the core, it is compulsory and contributes to the possible three bonus points on offer, which can have a significant impact on your final IB score.

Work with IB Experts

Students will have the opportunity to work with IB graduates from a range of disciplines, with a range of subject combinations, and who have gone on to pursue a wide variety of careers and further education options. On the afternoon of Saturday the 17th, parents and families are invited to join a Q&A with IB grad tutors and some of Elite IB’s core staff, including admissions experts. Have all your questions answered - from subject choice, to finding time for hobbies, to how best to support your child throughout the program.

Why Elite IB’s Courses?

Elite IB Courses are lead by IB graduates, themselves with an average score of 43, who are experts in their subject and the syllabus. Our small class sizes and friendly approach ensure that each student gets the focused attention they need to succeed. With exceptional feedback year on year, revision courses are at the heart of the support we provide students.

Fees & Payment

The cost of the two-day workshop is 560CHF.

Bring-a-buddy discount

  • Attend the workshop with a friend and you both get a discount on your fees!
  • 40 CHF discount for each friend you refer

School booking discount

We have historically welcomed multiple students from the same school to our courses over the years, and encourage schools to contact us to discuss the discounts we are able to offer their students when making bookings on their behalf.

Course Fees

Payment for the courses can be made by card or bank transfer, and attendees are required to settle the deposit for the course 7 days after registering their attendance, or 14 days before the start of the course, whichever is soonest.

You can view information about cancellation as part of the Summer Revision Course's Terms & Conditions.


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