Pre-IB Summer Course

The Pre-IB Course is the best way to ensure you’re perfectly prepared to start the International Baccalaureate in the new academic year. Our unique programme of core workshops will introduce you to the most novel aspects of the IB, and our subject tuition will make sure you hit the ground running when classes start.

Pre-IB Summer Course, 2018

Course Structure

6th August - 8th August

The Pre-IB Course is split between core workshops and subject workshops. You can attend any combination of workshops and days, and build a course that perfectly prepares you for the IB and builds on your strengths and weaknesses.

Core Workshops

Core workshops introduce students to the novel and challenging aspects of the IB which they wont have experienced before. Core workshops are the perfect opportunity for you to get to know the IB before your first day and to get to lay the foundation for success. The programme of core workshops includes:

  • Mathematics - Get started with the IB's tricky Maths syllabus and learn how to master your calculator.
  • TOK and Extended Essay - Get to grips with the compulsory TOK and EE tasks, which add up to your bonus IB points.
  • Subject Selection - Hear from IB graduates, teachers, and Examiners about how to pick the right subjects at the right level to ensure you enjoy the IB as much as you excel in it.
  • Study Skills - The every day tricks and trips to maintain excellence every day.

Maths Workshops

With a full day dedicated to Mathematics, this is the chance for all students to get a feel for Mathematics in the IB, whether you will be choosing HL, SL, Studies or still are not sure. Realise all the skills you have already mastered and explore the challenges which each different strand of mathematics provides.

  • Choose the right level - Workshops help you trail your subject levels, helping you choose the right level on the IB..
  • Get ahead of the curve - Our IB tutors know their subjects better than anyone else (their average score is 43), and so they’re perfectly placed to introduce you to the subject.
Pre-IB Course Structure
  6th - 7th August 8th August
Core Workshops    
The Goals of the IB  
Subject Selection  
Maths Core Skills & Calculator  
Use Study Skills & Academic Writing  
Theory of Knowledge: An Introduction  
Extended Essay Overview  
Subject Workshops    

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