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With years of experience successfully supporting students in their applications to Oxford and Cambridge, and an outstanding team of Oxford and Cambridge graduate Consultants, our admissions support is positioned to support applicants in every step of their application: from selecting the perfect college to preparing for their interview.

Support from Oxford & Cambridge Graduates

Mock Interview Course

Alongside the support we offer to students in their applications to Oxford & Cambridge, each year many new and existing students join us at our Oxford & Cambridge Mock Interview Course in late November, Devised to provide student with exposure to the intensity and challenge interview at Oxford and Cambridge present to applicants, the course sees students take part in a number of workshop seminars covering the interview process in the morning, before an afternoon of mock interviews with Oxford & Cambridge-graduate members of our Consulting team from each student's chosen field of study.

Support Options

In their first two, subject-specific interviews, students are paired with a graduate from Oxford or Cambridge in their chosen academic field, focusing on the subject-specific knowledge students would be expected to demonstrate. After each interview students are provided with detailed feedback on their performance, with advice and recommendations from their interview about how to continue to prepare, such as suggestions of further reading, explanations of how to best communicate their ideas, and how to tackle difficult interview questions. In their third interview, applicants are interviewed by a new Oxbridge-graduate on their Personal Statement, hobbies, interests and other topics students will encounter at their Oxford or Cambridge interview, with feedback immediately after.

  • Three mock interviews with Oxford & Cambridge graduates who studied in your chosen field, to make sure you get perfectly tailored support.

  • A programme of seminars and workshops to introduce you to the key techniques and knowledge you need to demonstrate your ability at interview.

  • Personal feedback after every interview, so you know exactly how to succeed at your interview.

You can find out more about the details of the Oxford & Cambridge Mock Interview Course in our course brochure


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