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With years of experience successfully supporting students in their applications to Oxford and Cambridge, and an outstanding team of Oxford and Cambridge graduate Consultants, our admissions support is positioned to support applicants in every step of their application: from selecting the perfect college to preparing for their interview.

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Our Consultants

In order to ensure every applicant benefits from the best support, we hold our Consultants to the highest standard. Whilst each member of our consulting team is an Oxford or Cambridge graduate - and so has experienced, first-hand, how to successfully navigate the admissions process to Oxford & Cambridge - we expect every Consultant to demonstrate the finest academic pedigree and experience successfully supporting students in their applications to Oxford and Cambridge, in order to join our team.

How We Select Our Consultants

While our Consultants all share a common history, as graduates of Oxford or Cambridge, our team counts university professors, criminal prosecutors, and practicing doctors among its numbers, providing students not only with an insight into their chosen university and course, but a unique opportunity to learn more about the places their chosen field of study may take them. We believe in the excellence of our team and hold our Consultants to the highest standard, expecting each to demonstrate the finest academic pedigree and history of successfully supporting students in their applications to Oxford and Cambridge.

Every prospective member of our team is interviewed personally by our in-house Consulting team, and are considered on the merits of their academic achievements, knowledge of their subject-field, and experience successfully supporting students in their applications to Oxford & Cambridge to ensure they are equipped to support students in every aspect of their application, from choosing the right college to preparing for their admissions tests. We consistently review the feedback we receive for every Consultant, monitoring the progress and development of both our Consultants and the applicants they support.

A Selection of Consultants






Trinity College

University of Oxford

Sam is a graduate of the highly prestigious University of Oxford, where he studied Jurisprudence at Trinity College. Since graduating from Oxford, Sam has held positions as an International Criminal Prosecutor for the United Nations Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, as an Associate Solicitor for a leading Magic Circle law firm in London, and as a legal consultant to numerous businesses and organisations. Since joining our team of Consultants five years ago, Sam has successfully supported numerous students in their applications to Oxford and Cambridge, from college advice, to Personal Statement support and LNAT preparations, which Sam sat as part of his application to Oxford. His exploratory and engaging consulting style helps his students achieve their best, and submit the best application.





Director of Studies

at Downing College, University of Cambridge

Marie is the former Director of Studies in Psychological and Behavioural Sciences at Downing College, University of Cambridge, where she taught as Bye-Fellow as part of the Psychology Department. She holds a PhD Cognitive Neuroscience from the University of Cambridge where she specialised in the study of the application of memory to everyday tasks. As a graduate and former lecturer at Cambridge, Marie is expertly placed to advise students, first-hand, on her experiences as an academic in her field, as well as the intricacies and complexities of the admissions process to Oxford and Cambridge, that only someone who has sat on interview panels would know.



Medical Sciences


University of Oxford, Imperial College


Tom is currently in his final year of his Core Medical Training rotations in renal medicine, after his most recent rotations in Oncology, General Medicine, and Accident & Emergency. Tom graduated with a BA Medical Sciences from the University of Oxford before being awarded his MBBS Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery from Imperial College London in 2012. Whilst practicing as an F1 doctor Tom sat on the admissions interview panel for Brighton & Sussex Medical School, giving him a unique insight into medical admissions, in addition to his own experience at Oxford and experience supporting students’ applications.





St Edmund Hall

University of Oxford

Tim graduated with his MEng Engineering Science from St. Edmund Hall, Oxford after scoring 44 in the International Baccalaureate. Tim is the founder of Elite IB, and has successfully supported countless students in their applications to Oxford & Cambridge since our inception, with an outstanding track record of guiding students through the complexities of the application process. Tim’s years of experience advising students on their university, college, and course selections make him an ideal Consultant for students applying to UK universities, including Oxford and Cambridge, in a range of subjects.



Mathematics & Physics


Trinity College

University of Cambridge

David holds a PhD Theoretical Physics, from the University of Cambridge, from which he was awarded his MMath/MASt and BA Mathematics, and where he was Senior Wrangler for his undergraduate studies. David then spend over a decade as Director of Studies in Mathematics at two Cambridge colleges, teaching Physics and Mathematics to undergraduate students, carrying out admissions interviews, and providing pastoral support to students. As such, David is expertly placed to advise students on their applications, drawing from his first-hand experiences as an academic in his field, as well his knowledge of the the intricacies and complexities of the admissions process to the universities of Oxford and Cambridge.



Philosophy, Politics & Economics (PPE)


Queen's College

University of Oxford

Josh graduated from Queen’s College, Oxford with First Class Honours in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) third in his class of 250, and as the recipient of a number of scholarships. Currently a Maths teacher with TeachFirst, Josh keeps abreast of the latest developments in education, building on the years of experience he has guiding prospective Oxford & Cambridge candidates through the rigorous application process for courses including PPE; Economics and Management; and Politics and History. Proficient in a number of languages, including Russian and French, his academic acumen means Josh is well placed to advise any candidate on their application to Oxford or Cambridge, in a variety of subjects and to a number of particular colleges.

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