September 1, 2020

EIB publishes its guidance for safe in-person, home tutoring

In light of COVID-19 and the return to school for many students, EIB is publishing it's advice to tutors and families about how to conduct in-person tutoring safely.

The information here will not be updated, and is accurate as of 1st September 2020. If you require any further information about EIB's approach to in-person lessons during the COVID-19 pandemic, please contact us directly at


As students return to school this September in the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic, EIB have been carefully considering our approach to face-to-face tuition in students' homes in the new academic year. EIB suspended Face-to-Face lessons after the UK Government locked-down the UK in March 2020. We have not reinstated lessons, choosing to privilege a cautious approach which prioritises student and tutor safety. Since then, we have been monitoring both the government's advice and guidance from the Department for Education (DfE), as well as the response of professional bodies in the UK such as the Tutors Association (of which EIB is a prominent member) and the National Education Union.


EIB strongly recommend that students and families conduct their support online, where we have extensive experience and are very confident offers no disadvantage to students.


After consultation, EIB strongly recommend that students and families conduct their support online. EIB has extensive experience in online tutoring, having delivered over 40,000 hours of online support to students, and it is our strong recommendation families conduct their support online. You can find out more about our online support tuition here.


Our guidance for safe, in-person tuition

Where families are willing to either accomodate a tutor at their home or in a suitable public place and the tutor is comfortable doing so, we ask that all parties, firstly, follow the UK Governments guidance on social distancing and working safely as well as well as the guidance below, in order to ensure that students and tutors learn in a safe environment. To do so:


We recommend tutors, students, and families stay in regular contact, keep up-to-date with governmental guidance, and conduct frank and respectful discussion about the safety of lessons. EIB continues to recommend online support for student's tuition, but remain on-hand to offer any support we can as tutors and families try to navigate the increased complexity of face-to-face support.


Additional information around safe in-person tutoring:
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