Mid-IB Revision Course

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about the revision courses which aren’t answered here, why not get in touch?

EIB Revision Courses offer an intensive, exam-focused revision programme at key points during the academic year, aimed at students preparing to take their exams, whether internal or external, and/or students who wish to boost confidence and knowledge prior to the start of the new academic year. Students will consolidate their knowledge of the course, practice exam techniques, and gain confidence ahead of their exams or new school year. The Course leaders are EIB tutors who have received the best feedback over the past year - they are engaging and fun, and are all IB graduates themselves! Classes are limited to a maximum of 6 students to ensure each student gains the benefits of private tuition combined with small group-based learning.
Whilst private tuition is an excellent way of securing a student’s individual knowledge with a tutor over a long period, Revision Courses offer the chance for students to study in small groups where the dynamics allows for interaction, discussion, and learning from each other at key points during the academic year.
EIB’s Pre-IB Revision Course is designed for students who are just about to start their first year of IBDP studies. It is designed to expertly prepare the students to begin the IBDP, and answer any questions on IB-specific courses and requirements, such as the EE, TOK, or CAS, as well as providing aid in helping students to choose IB subjects, and examine their suitability for future career choices and ambitions.
EIB’s Mid-IB Revision Course is designed to benefit students who are just about to start their second, and final, year of their IBDP studies. Short intense workshops focus on improving working habits, writing technique, and academic performance, and course feedback and individualised study tips are provided for the whole course to enable students to gain maximum utility and satisfaction from the workshops. Subject-specific day-long sessions are also offered, to provide intense revision of the IBDP1 syllabus in preparation for the new pressures of IBDP2.
Students are booked onto either the Pre-IB and Mid-IB course for the relevant Core two-day block. This means students are unable to book & attend just one day, as the course is designed to provide support over two full days.
Attendance on the additional subject-specific course days is purely optional. We would, however, encourage students to utilise the opportunity of revising subjects with our best tutors to maximise subject knowledge and confidence before the beginning of the new academic year.
The subject-specific tuition is designed to supplement the content of the Core Course workshops, and to comprehensively prepare students for the final year of the IB Diploma Programme. As such it is the case that the attendance at the two-day Core Course is required in order to benefit from subject-specific tuition.
The size of each group at the Revision Courses is capped at 6 students, to ensure each student can benefit from individualised support.
All attendees are asked to bring their calculator, if relevant, stationary, a notebook or writing paper, formulae booklets and any specific past paper questions they wish to focus on during the day, in addition to a willingness to learn and enthusiasm for the Course!

The course runs over multiple days and therefore, if students live outside of Vaud or Geneva, booking accommodation is recommended. Elite IB are more than happy to provide recommendations on arranging accommodation for the full length of your stay.

Should you wish for us to provide such recommendations please indicate ‘Yes’ on the registration form, and we will contact you directly to discuss precise details and requirements. Please note that the cost of the accommodation is not included in the cost of the Revision Course itself and is hence, an extra expense to be covered by the student.

Importantly, we would like to note that, whilst EIB provides exceptional tuition and IB guidance to students, we do not currently have the facilities to provide on-site accommodation to students under 18. Therefore, all students under 18 staying in accommodation are required to be accompanied by an adult, as we do not provide adult supervision at the suggested accommodation sites.

EIB are delighted to offer Guided University Tours around the campuses of the most prestigious universities in London for all students attending our Pre & Mid IB Summer Revision Courses.

The tours will be led by top EIB tutors, who are students or recent alumni of the universities, and as such are excellently placed to provide insights and feedback to potential applicants. Tours will take place during the evenings following the Revision Courses, and will be chargeable at a nominal additional rate, to cover the tutor’s time. Parents are, of course, more than welcome to also attend and further details on the University Tours are attached to the confirmation email, sent at point of registration.

The scholarship is designed to benefit students from low income family backgrounds, and to ensure all students have the opportunity to attend EIB Revision Course(s) and excel in their IB. Students who believe they may be eligible for the Scholarship Programme are encouraged to email or call the EIB office to discuss their application.
Further information can be found in our Pre-IB brochure here and Mid-IB brochure here or please do get in touch at contact@eliteib.ch or at +41 215 182 188. We welcome any question, large or small.