IB Resources

IB Resources

Over the years, we have worked hard to assimilate information about the IB, as viewed from our own perspective, as well as capturing the views of our tutors and students.

As such, we are in a unique position to compile information about the IB on a global basis, with a view to supporting students, parents and schools involved in the IB programme.

Look out for the following resources which will be live on this page in the coming weeks. The list below is not exhaustive and we are continuously looking to add new features to benefit IB students, so do check in regularly. Alternatively, pass us your e-mail address and we will inform you when new publications are produced.




A book we have compiled with holistic IB advice, from subject selection to dealing with the pressures of changing from a SL to HL midway through your DP, to the IB’s resits policies.

icon UCAS IB Entry Requirements

An exhaustive guide to UCAS entry requirements for all offered UK courses which officially acknowledge the IB programme. This is the only version available online, anywhere, at present.

IB Exam Resit Guidance

If you would like to be put on the reserve list, we will be sure to send you official copies of any or all of the above documents when they are published. Please e-mail contact@eliteib.ch, stating which document you would like to be sent.


All resources below can be found directly on the official www.ibo.org website

  • The IB Mission Statement pdf
  • Principles & Practice pdf
  • IB Programme Standards pdf
  • Worldwide Recognition pdf
  • May 2015 Statistical Bulletin pdf
  • November 2015 Statistical Bulletin pdf
  • Get the IB Calendar


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