Resit-IB Revision Course

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Resit Revision Course

16th - 24th October 2017

Thanks to all the students who attended the 2017 Resits Course! The next IB exams will be held in May 2018 and we urge any student looking to resit their exams in May to attend our Easter Revision Course which will be held in April 2018. Of course, should you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Devised to support students looking to revisit their final IB examinations in November, our Resit Revision Course offers students an intensive, exam-focused revision programme to help them lay strong foundations before returning to their exams.

Highly focused, student-centred exam revision, at the perfect time before exams begin.

Workshops delivered by the finest Elite IB tutors, themselves IB graduates, and up-to-date on all syllabus changes and amendments.

Three full days of revision per subject allows students to over the syllabus in depth.

The course takes place in London, UK. For more information please visit our United Kingdom branch page:

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