Resit-IB Revision Course

Frequently Asked Questions

EIB Revision Courses offer an intensive, exam-focused revision programme at key points during the academic year, aimed at students preparing to take their exams, whether internal or external, and/or students who wish to boost confidence and knowledge prior to the start of the new academic year. Students will consolidate their knowledge of the course, practice exam techniques, and gain confidence ahead of their exams or new school year. The Course leaders are EIB tutors who have received the best feedback over the past year - they are engaging and fun, and are all IB graduates themselves! Classes are limited to a maximum of 4 attendees to ensure each student gains the benefits of both private tuition and small group-based learning.
Whilst private tuition is an excellent way of securing a student's individual knowledge with a tutor over a long period, Revision Courses offer the chance for students to study in small groups where the dynamic allows for interaction, discussion, and learning from one another at key points during the academic year.
Following the release of the May 2016 IB Results in July, EIB will once more host our IB Exam Resit Revision Courses, designed for students wishing to retake one or more of their subjects in the 2016 November session. Attendees are supported in groups of up to four, split by level (HL/SL/Studies, for example), as well as attainment and expected grade, to ensure highly personalised, level-specific support. Course leaders are selected from EIB's best tutors, all of whom are IB graduates or teachers, and over the period of the Course will provide intensive syllabus revision, exam technique, and past paper practice.
The IB Exam Resit Revision Courses run over a period of six days, split into two-day subject-specific blocks, with six contact hours each day focusing on syllabus revision and exam technique. Students are more than welcome to attend the course for one, two, or three subjects, meaning students are able to attend up to six full days. Should the Course schedule not allow you to take all subjects you would like to attend, please do contact us at and we will be happy to discuss an individualised plan of support.
Students are booked onto the relevant subject-specific two-day blocks. This means students are unable to book & attend just one day, as each subject on the course is designed to provide support over two full days.
Our IB specialist tutoring agency consists of a team of tutors who excelled in the programme themselves, and hold degrees from leading universities, including Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, and LSE. A number of our team have previously taught, or indeed currently teach, in IB schools. From our team of IB tuition experts, only the very best, with exceptional feedback throughout the past year and who have academically specialised in the subjects they teach, are selected to teach at the Revision Courses. For more information on your Course tutors please see the Brochure.
There is no deadline to apply for the IB Exam Resit Revision Courses; we do, however, encourage students to express their interest as soon as possible, as the skills of our tutors and our small class sizes mean places often fill quickly
Students may benefit from a number of discounts, including the Early Bird Discount, Multiple Booking Discount, and Bring a friend Discount. For further information on these, please see the Course Schedule web page or the Brochure.
The size of each group at the IB Exam Resit Revision Courses is capped at 4 students, to ensure each student can benefit from individualised support.
All attendees are asked to bring their calculator, if relevant, stationary, a notebook or writing paper, formulae booklets and any specific past paper questions they wish to focus on during the day, in addition to a willingness to learn and enthusiasm for the Course!
Throughout the year Elite IB Tutors hold its Revision Courses at two key locations, depending on the specifics of each course - Francis Holland School in Chelsea and the Elite IB Tutors office premises in Fulham. Location selection will depend on the format of each course and the number of attendees, to ensure we continue to provide the ideal surroundings for each of our Revision Course attendees. A reminder email will be sent no later than 7 days prior to the start of the course providing final confirmation of all important information, including, but not limited to, the course selection, date, time and location of the Courses.
The course runs over multiple days and therefore, if students live outside of London, booking accommodation is recommended. Elite IB are more than happy to provide recommendations on arranging central London accommodation for the full length of your stay. Should you wish for us to provide such recommendations please indicate 'Yes' on the registration form, and we will contact you directly to discuss precise details and requirements. Please note that the cost of the accommodation is not included in the cost of the Revision Course itself and is hence an extra expense to be covered by the student.
Further information can be found in our IB Exam Resit Brochure or please do get in touch at or at +44 7762 163128. We welcome any question, large or small.