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Support options to help families and IB students understand the opportunities and challenges the IB offers.

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As a team of IB graduates, we've been immersed in the IB for nearly 15 years, but also recognise the complexity and novelty of the IBO's programmes can be daunting to many prospective students and families. Our 'Navigating the IB' advice options offer expert, reliable advice in and and every aspect of the IB.

Our Expertise

With over a decade of experience supporting IB students, we've become a trusted and reliable partner for IB families and students considering their IB options. Our Consultants' backgrounds as IB graduates, teachers and Coordinators mean every student stands to benefit from our unique insight into, and experience with, the IB.

We focus exclusively on the IB, offering an unparalleled insight for students and families
Over 5000 students have benefited from EIB's support and guidance
Close connections with IB schools mean we have our ear to the ground for the latest developments

We’ve been answering questions about the IB for over 10 years and our IB Support Options have been shaped by our experience offering unparalleled insight into the IB to families and students. We offer structured consultations which we know meet the needs of many families, as well as bespoke offerings that allow EIB and families to explore their priorities and needs at a pace and level of detail which suits them.

Trusted, impartial advice

We have been delivering dependable, impartial guidance to IB families for over a decade, and pride ourselves on the independence, integrity and reliability of our support.


Alongside working closely with many IB schools, we conduct rigorous and objective research to marry a decade of authoritative experience with concise, clear data.

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Full academic guidance

Our expertise and knowledge extends from the PYP to university admissions, offering students and families support across every key stage of their academic progression.

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Support Options

From considering IB schools to making applications, admissions tests to host families, we're able support families at every stage of considering IB schools and are dedicated to helping students find the IB school which suits them. Our support options draw from a decade of experience answering questions from families and students, offering tried-and-tested routes for families to discover their options as well as the flexibility to shape support to their own priorities and preferences.

An international approach

With bases in London, Amsterdam, Geneva, and Singapore we offer a truly international insight

From start to finish

Support options for every key stage of the IB journey from school selection to academic progress checks

An unbeatable team

EIB Consultants are industry leaders, with an unparalleled insight into the IB

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Standalone Consultation

Standalone consultations offer families the opportunity to speak with an EIB Consultant on any aspect of the IB, and are the initial Support Option across EIB's IB Advice offerings. Delivered by our exceptional consultants over a 90-minute, standalone consultations which offers families the flexibility to lead their support by providing: the opportunity to speak in detail about a particular aspect of their IB journey and the options available to them; to talk on diverse areas and benefit from EIB's extensive experience supporting students in every aspect of the IB; and to explore explore specific queries where families are otherwise confident in their understanding.

Common School Selection discussion points in a Standalone Consultation:

  • Are there any ways to guarantee 45? Or are there ‘easy’ and ‘hard’ IB subjects?
  • How does the IB Diploma differ from A-levels? Why choose it over these, or other qualifications?
  • Is my child suited to the IB Diploma? Is the IBDP suited to them?
  • What subject choices are best for specific universities, or degree subjects?
  • Will I have time to continue my sports/art/hobbies?
  • Do I need to speak more than one language for the IB?
  • How accurate are IB predicted grades? Where do teachers get them from?
  • Will not taking a certain subject adversely affect my chances of university admission for ‘X’ course?

Available: Year Round
Includes: Standalone Consultation
Duration: 90 minutes

Booking Information
All bookings are made over the phone or by email.

Health Check

Families and students struggling to chose between the wide selection IB schools in the United Kingdom can choose to commission a School Recommendation Report from EIB. Recommendation Reports a written individually for every family and are structured around the need and priorities of families as they make their school selections.

On the basis of our in-depth knowledge of IB school, we're able to help families balance their needs and ambitions cross a range of key considerations, such as

  • Reputation and standing of schools
  • Location and proximity to family members
  • Tier 4 visas and host families
  • Special Educational Needs
  • Tuition, administrative, and boarding fees
  • Schools which suit the family's long-term educational strategy
  • Extra-curricular opportunities
  • Transitioning between or into IB Schools
  • University admissions success

School Recommendation Reports include EIB's shortlist of schools we recommend as being most closely aligned with the family's priorities, a further of recommendations and relevant appendices of all IB schools that meet their criteria, relevant third-party agencies and institutions etc.

You can view an example School Recommendations Report here.

Available: Year Round
Includes: 60 minutes consultation; comprehensive bespoke report

Booking Information
All bookings are made over the phone or by email.

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We offer students and families support at every key stage of their IB journey.

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