About Elite IB

A history of excellence

Since being founded by Tim Hoffmann, Elite IB has been driven by a want to provide students with personal tuition that reaches the academic rigours and breadth of the International Baccalaureate, and, since our inception in 2010, we are pleased to have become the foremost international team of educators in the International Baccalaureate.

We’re proud of our individualised approach to supporting our students, and to ensuring each student’s tuition is successful, whether for a single lesson or over the course of the diploma programme. Our approach centres on understanding the personal needs of every student, and only proposing to families tutors specifically equipped to support them. We keep in frequent with you and your tutor, continuing to monitor your progress to provide assurance your support meets our own exacting standards. You can find out more about the tutors who make up our team here.

icon Initial Consultation

We don’t let just any tutor support any student. We speak with every family to understand what they need, be they special educational considerations or language requirements.

icon Tutor Proposals

We we propose tutors to you, we do so considering your needs, style of learning, location, and language requirements. If you’ve found a tutor you’d like to meet, we’ll get in touch to ask.

icon Monitoring and Progress

Once you’re in touch with your tutor, we keep in constant contact with them, monitor the student’s progress and speaking with the family to make sure every lesson is perfect.

An internationally leading team.

We start with a single expectation from our tutors: that they know the IB inside out. It’s the reason that every member of our exceptional team is at least a graduate of the International Baccalaureate, and why we consider ourselves the foremost team of educators in the IB internationally. With a team of IB graduates, IB Examiners, and IB teachers, every student can expect the highest quality of tuition with tutors from a team with unrivalled academic pedigree.

Every Elite IB tutor has extensive tutoring experience and joins us with outstanding testimonies and whilst all our tutors have a history of academic excellence, our exceptional team’s quality is derived from their passion as IB educators and advocates. Engaging, inspiring, and enthusiastic, Elite IB’s tutors convey the excitement and novelty of the International Baccalaureate to each student.

After their initial interview, we remain in constant contact with our tutoring team, keeping abreast of their newest achievements and successes so that every time a student get in touch, we know the perfect tutor to support them.

icon Just who you need

Our tutors know the IB, better than anyone and every lessons with an Elite IB tutor is a lesson with an expert in the International Baccalaureate.

icon Experience that counts

We interview every candidate and expect exemplary references, attesting both to their character and experience before considering their suitability.

icon Government checked

Every one of our face-to-face tutors holds a Special Excerpt Casier Judiciaire from the Swiss Federal Office of Justice, for your peace of mind.