Easter Revision Course

Our Easter Revision Course is specifically structured to provide the ideal environment for students to achieve their very best in every workshop. With unrivalled class sizes, two and three-day workshops, and IB expert tutors, you'll leave perfectly prepared for your IB exams.

Easter Revision Course, 2018

Course Structure

The Easter Revision Course is the perfect platform for students to revise their IB material and prepare for their upcoming IB exams. Each student has the ability to select up to three IB subjects to focus on, over an intensive 7 day period.

IBDP2(Final Year) Course Schedule
  Workshop 1
2nd-4th April
Workshop 2
5th-6th April
Workshop 3
7th-8th April
Biology - HL  
Biology - SL    
Chemistry - HL  
Chemistry - SL    
Environmental Systems & Societies
(3rd and 4th April)
Physics HL    
Physics SL    
Mathematics HL    
Mathematics SL    
Mathematics Studies    
English Literature HL,SL    
English Language & Literature HL,SL    
Economics HL
(3rd & 4th April)
Economics SL    
Business & Management HL,SL    
History - HL/SL    
Geography - HL/SL    
Psychology - HL/SL    

The cost of the Easter Revision Course is calculated considering the number of workshops each student attends. You can find out more about the cost of the course and the discounts available on the following Fees and Payment page.

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