Easter IB Revision Course, Geneva

Our Easter IB Revision Course is specifically structured to provide the ideal environment for students to achieve their very best in every workshop. With unrivalled class sizes, two and three-day workshops, and IB expert tutors, you'll leave perfectly prepared for your IB exams.

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Easter Revision Course 2019

Campus des Nations, Geneva
13th - 21st April 2019
Registrations Closed

This course took place in April, 2019. You can find out more about our Easter Revision Course below, or check back soon for information about the 2020 course. For any last minute tuition before the 2019 exams please visit the enquiry form here

The Easter Revision Course returns for a ninth year, devised to help every final year student achieve their very best in their IB examinations. In structured and rigorous workshops our team of IB graduates, IB teachers, and IB Examiners, help students revisit every aspect of the IB syllabi before the May examination period, giving students the confidence and knowledge to perform at the highest level, and obtain top marks.

5 students per workshop on average

Highly focused, student-centred exam revision, with an average of five students to a tutor

Taught by IB experts

Workshops delivered by the finest Elite IB tutors, themselves IB graduates and subject experts, and up-to-date on all syllabus changes and amendments.

Two and three day workshops per subject

Two and three day workshops allowing students to cover the syllabus in depth as well as gain confidence on exam technique.

"Absolutely terrific, will recommend it to friends who are IB students"

2018, Ecole Nouvelle de la Suisse Romande

"Nitya has helped me greatly clarify my understanding of several concepts and problems that I have missed in class, which has given me a far greater peace of mind. Additionally, working through problems and understanding the approach she takes to problem solving has helped me immensely, whether on a specific problem or on the entire syllabus."

2017, Ecolint student

Last year we welcomed students from:

  • La Châtaigneraie, ISG
  • Collège du Léman
  • Campus des Nations, ISG
  • International School of Central Switzerland
  • St George’s international school
  • International School of Lausanne
  • La Grande-Boissière
  • International Institute De Lancy

Where will you be joining from this year?

Introducing Elite IB’s Easter Revision Courses

In 2018, we welcomed IB students from 23 countries to our courses.

Elite IB’s Easter Revision Courses are devised to help every student achieve the very best in their IB examinations. We’re pleased to welcome a wide range of students to our courses, from those looking for a structured and rigorous course to build on their existing subject-knowledge to those keen to revisit every aspect of the IB syllabi before the May examination period.

We are excited to announce that in 2019 we offer the opportunity to revise up to four of your IB subjects at the course, varying from two to three-day workshops. If you are travelling from afar and require accommodation, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team who can provide you with some excellent options within walking vicinity of the course.

Making IB revision fun

Attending a revision course is an excellent way to meet students from other IB schools who are in the same position as yourself, all looking to revise their IB syllabus and prepare themselves for the upcoming IB exams. Whilst your tutors will be able to guide and support you to achieving your absolute best, take advantage of making new friends along the way whilst revising.

Why Elite IB’s Courses?

Elite IB Courses stands out from its competitors with its small workshop sizes that average on 5 students to a tutor, half the size of other IB revision courses, effectively doubling your contact time with your tutor. With exceptional feedback year on year, the revision courses are at the heart of the support we provide students, with highly focused, student-centered exam preparation.

You can find out more about the course by navigating on the left. If you have questions or concerns, you can contact a member of the team below.

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