Become a tutor with Elite IB.

Are you interested in joining the team? We read every application that is sent through, and the more information you can provide, the more accurately we can appraise your application.

icon A true educator

You must show a commitment to education, to teaching and to providing the highest quality of support to Elite IB’s students.

icon Know the IB

You must have the requisite knowledge and experience of the IB programme(s) to be a tutor with Elite IB.

icon Committed to the end

We only consider tutors who show a commitment to tutoring for an extended period - the least we’ll consider is 6 months.

Although we only hire tutors from the upper echelons of the academic sphere, a good education alone does not make a good tutor. Our tutors are passionate about what the IB offers students - both the type of student that it helps cultivate and the merits gained when it comes to university life & future careers. All of our tutors have extensive tutoring experience before joining our team and must come with exemplary references. Further, all have a proven interest in the IB - in fact, several of our team have published books which are available through our Revision Guides page.

The main characteristic shared by our tutors is that they are fun, enthusiastic teachers who try to excite as well as educate. Who better to learn from than someone who has been through the programme themselves, is fascinated by it and can convey this excitement to you?

We have very strict selection criteria, and ensure all of our tutors have taught the IB for a minimum number of hours before joining our team. We try our best to employ the all-rounder, so that students can strive to match the ambitions and successes of their mentors.

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Part-time Client Manager, Geneva

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Full Time Tutor, Switzerland

We are always interested to hear from excellent candidates, so please pass us a CV to and we will get in touch when future opportunities arise.