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In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are currently advising against in-person tuition, recommending online tuition instead. If you request face-to-face tuition, we may not be able to provide you with our usual support. We'll next review our in-person support policy on the 31st October.

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Mid-IB Summer Revision Course 2022

11th July to 12th August 2022

Consolidate knowledge, review problem areas, build confidence and feel prepared ahead of your final year with Elite IB's Summer Revision Course!

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Trusted by hundreds of students in Switzerland
We've been supporting students in the IB and IGCSE for over a decade, and are the first-choice for IB students and international schools in Switzerland and internationally.
We work regularly with many IB schools, delivering talks, events, revision courses and more. Unless stated, EIB is not affiliated with the above IB schools. To find out more about the support we offer schools, visit

It’s a pleasure (and a relief!) to know of institutions like yours that can guide students through the International Baccalaureate.

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UK University Admissions

Research and expertise-led admissions support for IB students making their applications to UK universities.

250+ students have benefitted from our support
As a registered UCAS Centre we can oversee and advise on every aspect of your application
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May 2021 Exam Changes

Despite the recent announement of a dual-assesment route for IB students, it appears exams will go ahead in IB schools throughout Switzerland. Read about the changes and your next steps here.

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Outstanding Tutors

EIB's team of tutors across Switzerland is only matched by our international team of online tutors.

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IB Advice & Consulting

Trusted, authoritative consulting on the IB for students and families. From IB school and subject selection to parent advice and university admissions.

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Giovanni just called me to let me know that the Global Politics exam went very well because Angelina covered the exact topics of the exam! Amazing!

Parent of EIB student

IB School Support

From IB accreditation to university admissions cohort support, teacher placement to accelerated IB retakes, EIB Education is a one-stop shop for IB educators and institutions.

100s of talks and events delivered for free to IB schools!
15 schools around the world already work closely with us on a regular basis
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How we're responding to COVID

We're working hard to minimise the disruption to students and schools from the coronavirus pandemic. Read more about how we're working with stakeholders across the IB to help ensure no student is disadvantaged by the most recent development.

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Our International Offices

We’re as international as our students, and with offices in London, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Singapore (SE Asia and Oceania).

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Discutez avec nous de la manière dont EIB peut vous soutenir.
Si vous souhaitez parler en français à un membre de notre équipe de l'assistance que nous pouvons vous offrir - y compris les cours particuliers, les cours de révision, les conseils de l'IB, et les admissions universitaires au Royaume-Uni - vous pouvez nous appeler ou nous envoyer un e-mail au bureau au +44 (0)20 3302 3868 ou